Fayolle Lussac (Bruno), Hoyem (Harald), Clément (Pierre), (dir.)
Xi’an, an ancient city in a modern world
Evolution of the urban form 1949-2000
Cahiers de l’Ipraus
ISBN 978-2-86222-060-4/225 x 255/304 p. dont 152 coul./50 cartes et plans/160 ill.   45 €

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Introduction – Bruno Fayolle Lussac, Harald Høyem, Pierre Clément.

Geographical and historical background

Main geographical environmental characteristics and their changes during the historical periods in the Xi’an area – Zhu Shiguang, Xiao Ai-Ling
Sui-Tang Chang’an : Inventing a new urban paradigm in East Asia – Heng Chye Kiang
The Xi’an city frame evolution from the Yuan to the Late Qing dynasty – Wu Hongqi, Shi Hongshuai
The evolution of Xi’an’s spatial structure from 1840 to 1949 – Ren Yunying

Mapping Xi’an
Emmanuel Cerise, Bruno Fayolle Lussac, Nathalie Lancret, in collaboration with Dorothée Rihal : Chinese/English translation

Geographical data : The context of the city
Plans and historical maps until 1949
Master plans and phases of urban development
Thematic approaches : Cultural heritage, green space, networks
Glossary English/Chinese/Pinyin – Dorothée Rihal

Planning after 1949 structure and elements

The master plans of Xi’an between 1953 and 1995 : from grid plan to radioconcentric plan – Bruno Fayolle Lussac
Townscape transitions in Xi’an a brief record after 1949 – Wang Tao
The parks and gardens system in Xi’an since 1949, context and strategies of location, function and forms : a critical analysis – Liu Hui, Yin Lei, Wang Fang
Housing policy and urban pattern – Harald Høyem

Cultural heritage

State listed monuments and stakes of urban development : the case of the great archaeological sites – Bruno Fayolle Lussac
Monument and context in a changing urban landscape – Eir R. Grytli, Harald Høyem
Permanence and change in the muslim Drum Tower District – Harald Høyem
The regular city and expression of identity : the Drum Tower District in Xi’an – Jean-Paul Loubes
The change and the lost memories of Xi’an Zhengxue street – Xiao Li

Plan and politics

Ch’angan, model capital and model of capitals – Nicolas Fiévé
Physical environment and cultural identity. The Hui nationality in Xi’an – Harald Høyem
Urban studies and design : the case of chinese cities – Pierre Clément

China : chronological references